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Dot peen (Metal Marking & Engraving System) marking technology ensures 100% reliable part traceability in the metalwork manufacturing industry. Placing high quality legible and accurate marks on your products consistently and quickly, such as text, logos, and data codes, eliminates the need for rework, waste, or testing due to improper product identification. 

At ABNC we now offer a full Dot peen marking service on all of our metal manufacturing, which can be marked in any size or orientation.

  • Marks are fast and error-free
  • Our Flexmark Combo Model can mark several characters per second
  • Stamp on rough or uneven surfaces
  • We can mark on many different materials such as, steel, aluminium, stainless, titanium, plastic, wood…..
  • Our flexible and modular system allows for a bench top application or a hand-held gun option, meaning we can offer Dot peen marking for all types of parts, from the smallest to the largest.

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